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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  December 29, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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wson mue. >> and i'm jim haly. after the week of cold win weather, it feels lke a downright hea wave out there now. we're seei temperatures we haven't seen, folk since the first day of decber. >> meteorologist doug kammerer isn the storm center with the forecast for u >> is itad that we're celebratin 48degrees? >> no sad at all. >> thatjust goes to show you how ld it's been. the coldest in about a decade. we did reach 48 for the first time since the cold othe month. look at culpeper. 48 inhe district, 45 toward andrews air force base. right now annapolis coming in at 36 degrees. i'll show you why or let you know why they're seeing such cold weath there. about a ten-deee temperature differee as you get closer to e bay. we look at the windchills. windchill in annapolis, down 30 degrees. everybody he will in the
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40-degree range. not deali with much of a windchill. satellite and radar showi a mixture of sun and clouds. mostly high clouds but off toward the west and soutest toward kentucky, tenneee. there are some showers that wl move thisay and that is the leading edge of what will bring us definitely the waest weather and the best date so far this month as we end out 2010 pitch 5:00 a.., temperatures around 33 grees. it wl be a cool start but not a cd start to yr thursday. wait until i see you the four-today and the extended forecast. i think you'll like it as we head into the new yer. >> thank you, doug. communities across the northeast are still digging out 48 last weekend's monster snowsto. air travelers contie to face challenges, nieve areas wre there is no snow. meanwhile another winter storm is threatening folko the west. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: times square is clear and ready for new years eve. but much of neyork and new jersey are still bried in snow
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and it may be the first of the ar before many areble to dig t. >> our city is using every single resource at our disposal and many more we've borrowed and hired to get the five burroug up and running. >> porter: roadways are littered with straed cars. >> on mond we received 49,478 calls to 911. that i the sixth larst volume in 911 history. >> reporter: ambulances and other first responders held back by all of the snow. >> i remember that snow for 40 years. it's never been so bad. >> reporter: it has gone fm bad to worse at airpor across the country. lingering for three lon nights as many passengers camp out, waiting for flight. thousands of tri delayed or cancel. the effects of the storm stretchg through cincinnati, chicago, mnneapolis and atlanta, even reaing areas like orlando and san francisco. >> it's like a domino effect. once you cancel fligh in one
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area, planes ca't get to other cities even if the other cities are not affected by ow. >> reporter: cities that have watchedhe northeastry to dig out but now are bracing for their own winter blast as a new system begins to spread snow and ice, leaving slick and dangerous road conditions in washington state, and a fresh blanket of powder aoss the sierra nevad. jay gray, nbc news. >> meanwhile so good news if youre planning on riding the rails. amtrak resuming normal service betwe washington and new york and new york to boston. still, railassengers are advised they may have to de with some delays. >> we ve some new formation about that ski lift accident in maine that injure five adults and three children. the sugarloaf resort and ate officials blame the acident on high winds. some reaching 40 miles per hou which also left someiders stranded in mid air for two hours. five chairs tell about 30feet after cable malfunctioned.
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>> we were just inuch shock, we didn't really move. then somebodyfrom the parall lift that w still operating yelled at to usump off. get out of there. we both kind of jarred back to life. and just jumped off. >> it was ry scary bu we're very gratul that we were not in one of thehairs that hit and we were able to evacuate safely. and live tell the tale. >> there wereolife threatening juries. the two fe of fresh powder that fell this week is being credited with helping cushi that 30-foot fall. meanwhile, two people are missi from an exploson at a furniture store suburban detroit. it happened in wayne, michigan. e explosion caused the entire roof of the familywned store to collapse. the sto owner was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. officials believe a natural gas leak led to the plosion. firefighters are taking extra precautions they continue their search for the missing workers. intelligence oicials in
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nmark have stopped wh they descred as an immine attack on a danish newspaper. five men were planning shoot many as possible in the nsroom of a newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet mohamed. fourf the suspects were arrested today in will coenhagen. they've been watching the men for months now. agents also seized a machine gun, a silencer and am anything in the raids. tonight vigil will take place for the will victim o the crime that shook acommunice. he was found dead the reets. he had been brutally beat general stabbed while walking to his job at the arlington sport of health clu in arndon. there wereo clues in th case an friends stay loss is still hard t believe. >> ijust couldn't work out and just sort of walked around. a couple of trs here and there. it was vastating.
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he made that walk from his apartment to this gym i don't know how many times. >> thevigil begins at 7:30 this morng and it was organized by his friends in conjuncon with arlington county police. a $25,000 reward is being fered for any inrmation to help solve the case. the crime was only one of two murders in arngton last year. brett favre has been fined $50,00 by the national football league for failure to cooperate with an investigatn. the nfl habeen looking into kz that the vikings quarterback sentinappropriate text messages and photos to a ormer hostess name nn sterger. he apparently sent them two years ago when he worked for th jets in a statement the commissner said he could not definitely conclude that favre sent the photographs or text messages. today woodbridge high school basketball team played forhe
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first time since theircoach collapd in the middle of a game. they took on stafford high school ts afternoon without thr coach george washington. he collapsed during a time-out yesteay during a basketball tournamentosted in brook point high school in stafford. several witnees credit parent deborah stone for savng washingn's life. she jumped in and gave the coach cpr but stone sa she had help, especially from the assistant coach who initially startedhe cpr. >> it was her quick thinking that rally gotten else othe roll. and then the athletic trainer was ere as well. i can't say that you i ever thought i would do this but adrenaline takes oh and do you what you had is right. >> the coach's family release a stement saying, at this point our dad is stable and is under doctor's car and as a result we ask that you allow him someime to rest. tens of thousands of people are feeling foball fever rfk stadium in washington
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that's where the terrapins are facing off against the east carolina pirates this afternoon in the military bowl. northrup grumon is sponsori it. >> reporter: this is the official tailgate party. all of these people paid $20 a ticketo come inside the d.c. armory for food, fun, music by, and get ready for the gme with the cheerleaders. ♪ >> i've been to evy bowl game in the last decade. seven games, i'm just dlelighte to bin a bowl game.
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any bowl game. this is perfect. >> i love this. it is such a homey environment. you feel like y're at home when you're with pirates. >> wha do pirates today? >> arggh. that that >> a lite later on i'll have a report on a secial tribute for maryland fans for the coach's last game. reporting from the official tailgate party,chris gordon, news4. >> the indoor paty. our coverage of the mitary bowl is just getting started. tune in tonight to see chris. and dan hellie with the latest from rfk stadium. >> very talented. whenews4 at 4:00 connue, a warning for those who drink
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and drive. plu beefing u meat labels. ho the 9trig informing could be changing.
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wh says nothing lasts forever? snail mailers will be getting a break. all stamps will beorever stmps starting next month.
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the postal service has been raising rates as it ies to dig out of its financial hole. people won't have to buyhe one d two cent stamps anymore. tse nutrition labels you've seen on everythingfrom chips to cereal will be on the me you buy, too. the usda announced newutrition labels will be starting in 202. >> reporter: cut abov or too fatty? that's what consumers have wondered for years about the meat they' buying. now the usda says as of 2012, nutrition labels, comm on other foods, will be required for meat, poultry, prk and lamb. >> this is another tool that lets them understand what they're putting into meal, what they're feeding there families. >> reporter: the n rules will not require every individual package tobe labeled. supermarkets will havethe option of putting up signs wi
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the information. >> i think it is missed opportunity. the usda cld have required clearer labeng of both saks of ground meat and poultry products but i chose not to. >> reporter: they will have calories, calories fr fat, total fat and chosterol for 40 of the most commonly purchased ku of meat, poultry, lamb and pork. informing buyers may find surprising. >> many consumer thnk chicken breasts are extremely lean, which they are, but they dope realize there are many cuts of pork like the tenderloin or cuts of beef like the eye ofound thatare equally lea and have about t same amount of calories. >> reporter: the mt industry has been labeling processed meats for years but common cuts of beef and poultr have always be label on a volntary basis. they hope it will make families me healthier choices. another step in the obama administration's battle agains childhood obesity. you might be surprised at
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what you find. according to the usda's nutrient data laboratory, a four ounce rving of ground bf that is 80% lean beef contains about 280 calories. 200 of those calors coming from3 grams of fat. we have a consumer alert tonight. honda isecalling thousands of snow blowers. the consumer product safety commission announced american honda is recalling more than 18,000 snow blowers because of reports fuel either seeping or dripping, which can pose a fire hazard. the recall iolves several models sold from april 20 to lt month at honda power equipment dealers tionwide. consumers should stopsing the snow bowers and contact the dealer to arrange for a free fuel tank replacement. u can find list of models affect by the recall at our website. and search the wo snow blower. one of the cldren made famous from the movie, the sound of music, has died.
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ago thank von trapassed away at a hospital in towson, maryland yesterday. the 97-year-old had congestive heart failure. she was the oldes of the von trap children. shwas depicted in the sound of music by the character liesel wh played 16 going on 17. agatha presented her memrs in september. she is survived by four of her siblings. t used to b you had to remind older pople in the famly to take their pils. now it is a practice that happenwith a growing number of children. ne information revealore and more kidsre on medication. medco, a company that manages prescriptions, says more than a a quarter of children and teens. they are for insomnia and en high blood presre and high cholesterol. envelop a new weight loss access po might help you keep better ack of yo efforts.
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jenny craig is offering an armband that tracks the calories they've burne they say it will motivate peole to be more physically active without deding themselves. it is part of metabolic max program. it costs an extra $100 a year. the rst word. are hearing tat 95 is a big mess. >> that's right. >> ashley? reporter: we most definitely have delays on 95 thi afternoon. almost as bad asyesterday. as you travel along 95, here's what you're looking at. big delas. soubound, we're used to dela in the afternoon. but this certainly takes the cake. gm off the beltway, these lays continue at this pace in or the lorton. after that, after 3, it starts to unwind but you never come back up to speed until quantico. many find northbound, very heavy from thornburghhrough
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fredericksburg and then right around triangle will continue through dale ty. here it is looking a little better in the center ofhe scree that's the hov and they will save yousome time. from t weigh statin, you're back in t thick of it. it is a coin toss. capital ltway, pretty typal delays. comi out of tyson's toward river road, we make our way on the out loop of the beltway you'll see that we are very heavy here. but thenoing back toward the amerin legion, you're wid on. the issue is the sun. the sun is in your face asou make yo way past seven locks. once beyond that, no big issues followingou througho tyson. back to you. >> we're just gettin started here on news4. surf up. even the dead of win can't keep thse dudes off the water. his father prince charles has 149 of them. but prce william says wants no. find out what it is that he
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doesn't want any of coming up for all your news, be sure to follow nbcwashingto
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no ocean, no oblem for rfers in munich. they'reraving the freezing waters to surf in one of t ciy's rivers.
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river sfing first surfaced in munich back 30 years ago. lately it's gring in popularity. you can sethe surfers don't seem t mine good wipeout either ere. but it is abit harder to hang ten in a t suit. by the way, it is a chilly 23 degrees in munich today. >> that's amazing. wou you like to have one of those aroun here? >> that would be awesome. >> would you do it? >> out on the potomac? ure. >> i'd like to seethat. >> maybe june, july. >> feeling a littlelike june and july toay compared to earlier this week. >> it is rlly amazing. sitting at 48 degre and serve sang when a nice day today. it's all relative. >> just wait. friday we'llee a great day. we'll see plenty ofunshine during the day on friday and then we'll see temperures that we have not seen all december long. we saw 65 degrees on december 1. that was at 8:00 in the morning. by foon we were at 49 degrees. this friday will be the best
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afternoon of the month. and really today may be the best day of the month so far until we get to fday. outside, some light breezes. all in all, not a ba day at all. the temperatures rose t about 48 degree we're sitting at 47 degre under partly cloudy skies. windchill around 43 degrees. a ttle windchill with tose winds out of the northwest at eight. the windchill won't be a problem. 45 degrees in frederick. 45 in sterling down toward manassas. culpepert 50degrees. 52 yterday as well. look at the bay though. annapolis, 36. 39 in leonardtown. why are they so much cooler? the bay temperature her are in the 30s. the water temratures are in the 30s so those coastal communities are in the 30s. y is salisbury in th30s? they have thenow cover there. 39 degrees, ocean city around 39 as well. here's what's happing on the wider picture. not a lot going o in our area. just some high clouds.
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here's what'shappening to the wet. some showers and thunderstorm into portions of arkansas. right now near degrees in dalas and that warm layer slowly move our way. it won't happen tomorrow. we'll s this air mass first. th is a very moist air mass tt could bring us a slight chance of a sher. otherwise most of u will remn on the d side. hih pressure dominating. we've seen a coolay but a little above average. that aea of high presre will slide to the east. notice this. overght into early tomorrow morning,e could see some light areas of freezing rainell to the south and west of us, talking about the senandoah area toward the pomac hi highlands. we're not talki about rain tomorrow but weill see plenty of cloud cover and then here comes th mild air. the ai rushes to the south to southwest at about 15 to 20 miles an hour on fday and into saturday. a very mild end to 2010. a very mild beginni to 2011. your forecast, mostly cear
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skies, nice evening. 39 to about 43 degrees by about 6:00, 7:00. as we make our way into tomorrow morning, someigh clouds. not too cold. a bit chilly but a little bit better than it has been. the winds will be light so don't worry about the windchills. mostly cloudy, co but not cold. an isolated shower chance. then here we go. how about this? 54 on friday. 56 on saturday. some areas could get coast to 60 both those days. we'll have to see about that. sunday, a good chance of rain. high pressureon sunday. those temperatures will b falling through the ay. new yeareve, right around midnight, the temperature may be around 40, 42. >> great. >> clouds are not? >> for friday night? negative. negative. they will be increasinghrough the morning. i had to my computernalysis
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real fast. >> in your head. thanks a lot. still to ome, the feds push a w strategyo comb drunk driving. why suspected violators who refuse a breathalyzer ma be feeling a nele inste. and a heads up for metro riders about repair work you'll have to plan around.
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welcome back. it's been three days since the northeast was socked by a massi winter storm, and the frustration is mounting. many sidstreets in new york and new jersey are still buried in snow and it may be the first of the year before residents ca dig out. moreunways of major airports reopen helpng to clear the backlog of stranded travelers. >> the owner of a furniture store in suburban detroit is in critical condition and two people are missing afr the sto exploded and colpsed. authorities believe itas caused by a natural gas explosion. rescuers have bee calling the cell phones of the missing in hope of locatingthem. official at that ski resort blame high windshat dropped five chairs about 30 feet on to the slope. several skiers were injured. authorities stay injuri were le severe than they might have been because the resort had gotten two feet of brand new
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powder. ten of thousands of people are filling the stands at rfk stadium. r the military bowl that pits the terrapins against the east carona pirates in honor of our troops. earlr today, the fans tailgated to getnto the spirit. the game is tter sweet, marking the endof coach ralph friedg's ten years with the terps. the federal government s a new tactic to keep drunks off the streets. it is urging all state to crack down on reckless driving just ds before we toast in a new year. tom costello has the story. >> rerter: saturday night in houston, an officer paul lasalle is hunting for drunk drivers. >> that mad it easy, didn't it? >>eporter: with the local bars letting out it doesn't take long. >> the reason i stopped you was you were driving your car on the rodway without headlights. on. >> reporter: in a gas station parking lot, the young driver is given three sobriety tests.
4:31 pm
none goes well. >> i believe that you're in fact belaced under arrest for driving while intoxicated, okay? >> reporter: the iver refuses to take areathalizer test and this is where things get complicated. in texas,50% of duiuspects fuse a breathalyzer test, hoping to avoid a dui conviction. so t state has adopted a no refusal weekend. if a driver refuses, a judge is standingy at a cck point or poce station ready to sign a search warrant f an immediate blood sample. >> he fell agains the truck. he keptanting to sit on the mper. and i think he was a little uneasy on his bance. >> okay. do y swear this is true? >> i do. >> okay. >> rorter: a nurse then takes blood sample on t spot. a.08 bood alcohol level means the driver is under the influence. >> first and foremost, no refusal is about saving people's lives. it ishe number one crime in my jurisdicti and in mst
4:32 pm
jurisdictions. >>eporter: but in somestates, asany as 80% of suspected dui drivers are refusing tes hoping that will deprive polic of the evidence they need. so the gornment is nowrging every state to come up with their own no refusal program. already, nine states have. >> if your blood alcohol level is above .08, you're going to get arrested. you're probably going to lose your drivi privileges. you might get put injail. >> reporter: back in texashey credit the no refusal poli with a drop in alcoh-related fatalities. >> that's as result of t. >> reporter: for toy, tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> here's some sobering statistic thas will make you think twees before buckling up drunk. one person isilled every half-hour in the u.s. due to drunk dring. that's around 16,000 deaths every year. asou choose to celebrate the new year witho a designated
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driver, cll sober ride. you get up to $30 ride for free. meanwhile a dskin rookie is apologizng today for his drunk driving arrest. he was arreed on dui charges 24 hours after making his nfl debut. theedskins release ad statement yesterday sayi joseph is, quote, very remorseful for what happed. the team sa they are with holdin any further action againstim in the matter until this case is resolved in the courts. good and bad news for commute here's use two d.c. metro station. the transit station fast tracking work at the gallery pla chinatown station and the union station. that means one escalator will be removed from service and a second unit will be used as staircase. the go news, work ould be complete within eight weeks instead of the 12 weeks
4:34 pm
origally thought. >> we can all work off those holidayounds on the escalators. >>got a gift card at a new high-tech store? find out about the newest features on tablets that are al the rage among younger techies. and a way
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those anning restock fees may not be the worst of returni products in the future. the national retail federation says n software can help retailers track which customers are chronic abouteturning gifts. retail experts say this group often includes people who are engaged in frauulent returns. the worry is that this type of tracking could become big brotherish and may aso unfairly tag people who return a lot beuse they shop a lot. meanwhile, amazonay have the technology to sto those disappointing holida gifts and awful birthday presents from ever reaching you doorsp. the company has been awarded a patent that would allowsers to set up a kind of won't fly list. as in this gi just won't fly. alerts could be sent to you when people on you list try tobuy you a gift and if yodon't want
4:38 pm
it, you could return it before it is ever sent. >> wow! the beginning of the year, new people, few people knew what taet computers were. now about 13 million sales later, research finds really popular amongids age 6 to 12 so more companies are starting to pay attention. withhe help of the bsite monkey, with tier direct.c offers some advice about the top tablets now on the market. >> the apple ip has been one of the most popular eltronic devices to h the market in a long time and has brought tablet computinginto the main stream. and we've seen a lot of new options when it come to using a tablet in your life. they rnge fromhen ier in like this $1 budget tlet which will hav a few tradeoffs but it wil allow to you enter th world of tablet computing at a very low price point. and you can step up to something a littlmore premium.
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little nicer like these. a t inch and a seven inch. they range in stos from tie 32 gigabytes. front facing cameras so do you kn video conferencing andou can even hook up external devices through theusb port. and then new factor like this likethis one here. this is a combo ereader and tabl. you get the best of both wors. you get kindle and nook with these game rightver here. lots of new options coming out right now when itomes to using tablets. and android is rely leading the way. >> toee this or any other scial report on new technology products we've been featuring this week, visit our hole page at search monkey see. tomorrow we'll see the latest on mobilecomputing devices. >> a lot of cool stuff out
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thre. >> not that cheap. there's always next chrtmas. maybe the pice will come down. >> she's not a witch and passing health care was a big blanking deal. ju some of the mst quotable quotes from the year. we'll hear some of the top oes when we come back. and actress reese witherspoon says he is the ne. more on the plans toie the knot.
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well, you were goingo tell us abo the weather on friday night. >> yeah. i wa looking back at me of the data for new years eve. we've been dry overhe past five years. that has been very, very good. last year it was 29 degrees at midnight. this year i think we'll be around 40. maybe2 degrees for your new years eve festivities. not a d day out there. take a lo at the washington monument looking great out there. the sun is making its way down in the next coupl minutes and we will see temperatures fall them won't fal all thatfar. we were looking at temperatures around 47 degrees. that's th second warmest temperatu we've seen so far thismonth. the fir of the month was
4:44 pm
warmer butdefinitely, the temperature were falling. windchill, 43. not much of a wndchill to talk about. 43 degrees is the current temperatur 45 in baltimore. 43 in manassas and down towd the south, you're coming in with 48 deees after hitting 50 today toward fredericksburg. a nic warm day for you. some cool weather but not cold weather. look wh happens as we make our way into the day. high pressureill move off to the east and tt will start to allow some mile air. itwill come first i the form of cloud cver and isolated showers possible, especially to the west. most of us will stay dry but that will usher in aery mild air mass. friday wel see mostly clou to partly sunny skies. high temperatures for just abut everybody and on saturd, everybody gets io the 50s. this evening, mostly clear skies. the windsill be on the light side tomorrow morning. you'llake up to temperatures that will be a little bit chilly bunot too cold. to 33 degrees with high winds.
4:45 pm
the clouds will inease. we'll call it mostly cloudy. coolbut not col isolated shower chance possible, as i mentionedo the west. 41 to 44 degrees for high temperatures. maybe a little cooler than it was today because of t clouds. and then warming up nicely. 54 on friy. the best day themonth. that of course ends 2010. 2011 startingov of on a good te. a slight chance of showers but it will be here in earnest during the day on sunday. >> going out with a bang. >> do i have plan i'm working until 11:30 and then i have to scram and find sething to do. >> there's lots going. on you an find it. from president oba to sarah palin to tiger woods and kristine o'donnell, it has be a year fill with notable and quotab quotes. >> ase say goodbye to 2010, we look back at some of the most
4:46 pm
memorable moments. >> for ultimately the bu stops with me. >> rent is too high. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >>we'll keep clinging to our constitutio and our guns and religion d you can keep the change. >> yes, we ca remember that was our slogan? their slogan is no, we can't. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted r. >> how is that hopy changy stu working out for yo >> yes, we can, but -- [ laughter ] but it i not goingo happen overnight. >> hello there. my name is conan o'brian and i may soon bevailable for children's parties. >> there's no one who wants this
4:47 pm
thing over more than i do. i wod like my life back. >> you're not taking responsibility. y're kick the can down the road anacting as if you had nothing to do with this company. >> i think you're stalling. i think you' insuling our intelligence. >> i'm very, very sorry this acdent occurred. >> am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavi i engaged in. >> what i sa was stupid, stupid, stupid. it was a metaphor. i was spking metaphorically. i'm not blacker than president obama. >> 30 day in jail on the first dui case. >> i'm not taking this as a jo. my life. it's my career. something i worked fo my entire life. >> i'm not a hater i didn't hate conroy west. >>ery calm. >> toay is the day that the worst abuses of insuranc companies comes to an end.
4:48 pm
>> that's my junk. i'm going to have you arrested. >> don't want some random stranger looking aty naked body. >> i was supposed to g give a commencemt speech in arona but with my accent, was worried they would deport me back to austria. >> people get married in iowa bute can't get marriein california. i feel like a sond class cizen. >> this was a car that was great for 34,000 miles. the lastwo seconds were really bad. >>'m notecommending for every futureresident that they take a shellacking like did i st night. >> definity some memorable ones. >> a etched in here. 'll never forget. coming up, spiderman may have been snakebitten. fi out about the latest trouble brought on by one othe stars of the show. an a new ta on flower powerful talk about a wheout. we'll see what's going ohere.
4:49 pm
>> they can't even walk but some parents are enrollg their babies in sports. is it too much too soup?
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iderman may need a hero of his own now. a lead actress is leaving the roubled musical which is broadway's most expensive productionever. multiple reports say an understloid assum natalie mendoza's role. she suffered a concussion after getting hit on the heady a rope shelf decided to lee after three me injuries have ocrred on the set including one to the stuntman las week. still some actor say, it is too early tostrike the set. >> the injuries in our show are a trible ing. and none wants to discount that at l. but injuriesn a big show ar something that happens. >> ironically, some believe thi controversy may actually help boost ticket sales. actress reese witherspoon
4:53 pm
will walk down the aisle with another hollywood beau. well knn for her oscar winning performance in walk the lines engaged. they've been dating for about a year. she was previoly married to another act. they havewo children. witherspoon i currently starring i a movie all about ve called how do you know? and still ahead on news 4, the royal treatment may take on new meaning once prince william and kate middleton marry. we'll explain why. and for all yr news, to go nbcwashingtoon facebook and twitter
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olks from a small town in spain are dusting themselveoff from the annual flower fight peoe take over the city council for the day. they make nonsense rules like no walking in t sun or the shade. and no walking on the pement. people whoreak the la can either pay a fine or have flour thrown atthem. it is a200-year-old tradion that's sum lar our april fools day. it is good fun and for a good cause. the money raised is donated to charity. no meads, no cooksno buers. they've dided they will not have any servants to help them
4:57 pm
ith day to day duties oncehey get married. it is a radical derture from the way his father and gra faer lived their lives. >> reporter: t royal destiny. two ople's lives are laid out before themike the king and queen of england. most people would not mind being waited on hand and foot. prince charles, for example, has 149 servants with 25 classed as personal staff. but england's future kng and queen to be married next april reportedly have fferent views on it. after they get marrie, they n't want any ervants. hock, horror. what is the country coming to? >> i don't think they should be havingan expensive wedding in the first place. >> reporter: apparent william an kate don't want sernts
4:58 pm
gettingn the way wn they spend romantic weekds when th are at the cottage in north wales. whoill make the bed buttter bread? they will. and when william's military duty ends in 2013 and he has to serve the country, t royalwheel will turn. and another roy twist, william's br har gave his ex-girlfriend a $1,5 bracelet for christmas. now th british a asking, is more royal romancin the air? news4 at 5:00 startsight now. a high school basketball coach is side lid following rious health scare. and tonight his team is bk on th court and counting its blessings. good afteoon. welcome to news4 at 5:00.
4:59 pm
i'm wendy rieger. >> that wod bridge high school oach collapsed in the middle of a game but is okay thanks to an assistant coach and a quick thinking parent in the stands. news4's jane watrel has more on his recovery as players hit the hardwood at a tournament in stafford, virginia. >> everyone please rise. >> reporter: a community bans gether after a terrib scare. tuesday morning, wood brid gh school coach george washington collapsed during a girl's baskeall tournament. washington went into cardiac arrest after calling the ti-out. >> it was very trauma. there were parents wh came out of the stands. reporter: within seconds, the assistant coach and another parent performed cpron the stricken head coach. >> i just reacted. i think


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